Haters blast Kohli for trying to look taller, but here is the other side of the story

Indian skipper Virat Kohli has come under fire recently for trying to look ‘taller’ than a female athlete Karman Kaur. People were not really pleased with Kohli’s act as they vent out their anger on social media criticizing Kohli’s attitude.


“You can be anything but the woman can’t be taller than the man. Such fragile ego,” a user tweeted. “Virat Kohli needs support to match Karman Kaur’s height,” another wrote.

Here is the other side of the story which you didn’t know:

However, his fans defended by stating that it was the photographer who insisted Kohli to stand on a stool. They too insisted that Kohli didn’t stand on a stool purposely to look taller and that the Kohli’s picture was being illuminated out of context.

“He himself made the joke about being short and the organisers asked Virat to stand on the podium to get wrists of both of them in the same frame. Please get your facts right before you share/ tweet anything. That’s how judgements/rumours

The event was held at a 5-star hotel in Mumbai’s Bandra to initiate a special edition watch – Tissot Chrono XL Classic Virat Kohli 3018 line. Sports stars including Satnam Singh, Karman Kaur Thandi, Aadil Bedi, Shivani Kataria, Sachika Kumar Ingale, Jehan Daruwala, Pinky Rani and Manoj Kumar marked their presence

These athletes are all part of the Virat Kohli Foundation and the Indian captain gifted them with the special edition watch. This was not the first time Virat Kohli was seen using the platform to look taller. When Satnam Singh, who is 7 ft 2, joined Kohli on the stage and Virat had to climb the steps on the stage only to be clicked in the same frame with the basketball player.

The Indian skipper did the same when Kamran Kaur joined him on the podium. Virat, who is 5 feet 9, stood on the stage to join Kamran Kaur who stood much taller in her high heels. It clearly appeared that Virat Kohli did it so that their wrists were in the same frame but people took it in the other way. However, when Virat was gifting the watch or tying the watch on her wrist, he did not use the platform. This is proof of the fact that Kohli had no intentions to stand taller than her.

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