Chennai cop receives huge appreciation for chasing and catching bike-borne mobile snatcher In filmy style

In a shocking incident, a video of a Chennai cop chasing and catching a bike-borne mobile snatcher in true filmy style went viral on social media like wildfire. Now, the Chennai cop is winning the Internet after a video of him went viral.

The video was shared by Chennai Police Commissioner Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal on Twitter, and later by Additional Superintendent Tech.

In the video which is doing the rounds on social media, Sub-Inspector Antlin Ramesh can be seen chasing two bike-borne mobile phone snatchers. While one of them managed to run away, the other one tried to escape on the bike. Ramesh threw his own bike and caught hold of the escaping thief and also fell down in the process. Nevertheless, he regained balance and held on to the snatcher.

Soon after the video surfaced on the Internet, it received appreciation from people. In fact, Chennai Police also shared the video on Twitter which shows SI Antilin Ramesh being rewarded.

Tweeting a CCTV video of Ramesh catching the thief, Aggarwal said: “It’s not a scene from any movie. But the real life hero SI Antiln Ramesh single-handedly chasing and catching a mobile snatcher riding a stolen bike. Follow up led to arrest of three more accused and recovery of 11 snatched/stolen mobiles.”

Take a look at the video which shows the bravery of the cop:

”Recognised Sub Inspector Antilin Ramesh and interacted with him over a cup of tea”, Mahesh Aggarwal tweeted later.

Twitterati was impressed with the chase and lauded the cop for prompt action.

“Yaa… Actually am waiting for this news… Coz I am the one who saw this live… Really goosebumps… The way SI chased them was like an action film… HATS OFF to him,’ wrote a Twitter user who shared that they were present at the scene when the incident took place.

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