Meet the Green Man of India: An IRS officer who harboured 75 forests in a span of 4 years

Deforestation and Global warming have become a big threat to nature and every animal species. Every day, millions of trees are scarped off the surface of Earth as the market creates pressure on substantial fuelwood and timber. Major forests are now being cleared due to sporadic urbanization, industrialization, or agriculture purposes. Destruction of Mother Earth comes with prolonging consequences, including a serious detriment in the quality of life of humans.

Rohit Mehra, an Indian Revenue Service officer from Ludhiana, fathomed over the rising problem and successfully created 75 human-made forests across India. These ‘mini-forests’ range from 2,000 square feet to 66,000 square feet in area in about three years. He undertook the total project solely based on personal savings and did not take any sort of payment as a reward.

Meet the Green Man of India: An IRS officer who harbored 75 forests in a span of 4 years
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As per the IQAir 2019 ranking, 14 of the 20 world’s most polluted cities are located in India. Rohit Mehra in an interview with ANI, recalls the time, three years ago when schools in Ludhiana were closed due to the extreme level of air pollution. Therefore he wants to make an impact on this environment by reducing air pollution through forestation.  

“If it continues, people will have to carry oxygen cylinders in the next ten years. After this, I thought to work for the betterment of the environment and people.”

With the help of Vriksh Ayurveda and Miyawaki, two ancient but effective methods of growing saplings, the trees were growing 10 times faster than regular and nearly 30 times denser. His saplings have grown as much as 17 feet in one year. Rohit feels extremely delighted to see the tree-dwellers returning to their natural habitat; even the birds who had abandoned the area have come back to the forests.

He also manoeuvred the art of Nanak vans, the process of using agricultural waste as fertilizers to reduce both air as well as solid waste pollution. It was said to be his way of honouring Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak.

Mehra has been featured in the Limca book of records for a previous green achievement, for being the first to plant vertical gardens in the region at the Ludhiana Ayakar Bhawan.

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