Netizens make fun of the e-Bus which was charged by a diesel generator

Human beings are one of the reasons why Earth is experiencing a massive change. At one end, man is reaping benefits with the technology, natural resources- and at the other end- he is becoming lethargic and stupid day by day. God created everything we are surrounded by.

But the humans are taking the world in a wrong way barring little positives. One shouldn’t destroy mother nature in order to gain their needs and wants. The humans might be getting everything that they need but the reality is that they will certainly be punished by nature itself- if they don’t mind what they blindly doing to the environment.

Most of us would certainly agree that air pollution is a concern that needed to be tackled in the first place. As a result, humans introduced electric buses on road to tackle air pollution.

However, that might not have been that successful. A video doing the rounds on social media show an electric bus topping up its batteries not from an electric charger, but a diesel-guzzling generator instead.