Meet Rupali, Delhi girl who earns Lakhs by pursuing her Hobby, sets up an online business

The story of Rupali P Lal is indeed mesmerising whose parents weren’t much different from any other parent in the country. They wanted a safe and secure future for their daughter and what could be safer and more secure than a government job, which proffers a lifetime monthly stipend to the employ, in India? Obviously, nothing. Though she believes she was never forced by the family, her journey was somewhat chalked out well in advance.

So, after completing training and a professional degree in teaching, Rupali started working as a teacher and that is when her life took a turn for good. She calls it a blessing in disguise and indeed it is.

The typical Delhi girl found what she was looking for after thorough introspection. As a teacher, she developed a unique way of teaching which generated curiosity amongst little students and propelled them to learn more. The idea was so unique that it drew enormous praise from her colleagues. Soon she realised that the love for colours that was lost years back had returned to change her for good. 2016 was a breakthrough year for her, when it occurred to her that this love for art is no ordinary. 

Meet Rupali, Delhi girl who earned the title 'Bharat Ki Lakhsmi', an initiative launched by PM Modi
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“I thought of starting a Facebook page because that felt like the only way, I could reach more people, but I had doubts while going public with my talent. Will this huge audience even accept self-made artist? Would they even like my work? I eventually came up with my page’s name,” says Rupali while talking to The Youth.

Fascinating art, a page was born in 2016 out of sheer passion but it wasn’t all moonlight and roses. The 24-year old turned an entrepreneur but couldn’t give her due attention to the page since the burden of exams was laid upon her. Luckily about the same time, online orders began pouring on her and the parents always supported her craftwork. It took no time for Rupali to turn a celebrated entrepreneur online.

“Whenever I was in school Ma and papa used to wind up the orders, pack them and drop it for shipping. Within a year I was receiving queries, urgent orders and people started recommending me. I soon realised that I am fit for this world and halted doubting my talent. Initially, though I received some negative comments too when people started recommending me but I realised that it’s all a part of life. You never learn the importance of good days until you have a few bad ones too,” she adds.

FASCINATING ART grew slowly and steadily. It wasn’t an overnight success but a result of perseverance and endurance. Her work was restricted to orders and online workshops. Soon she started conducting workshops that wasn’t online and got good response. She received requests to conduct them outside her native place as people were impressed with her craft throughout the country. This was the first time that she ever boarded an airplane. She describes it as ‘a moment of pure bliss and happiness’.

She earned the title BHARAT KI LAKSHMI -An Initiative by MR. NARENDRA MODI.

“Like most of the people, this Pandemic took a toll on my mental health too. In order to be creative, I needed a sense of freedom which I couldn’t get. My morning used to start as a teacher taking online classes, assignments and worksheets. As soon as summer break started, I gave my undivided attention to my page and started taking sessions for free to release the stress and involve everyone in something fruitful.”