Volatile Relations between India and Turkey- read how Turkey erupted into open enmity with India

Aamir Khan in conversation with the first lady of Turkey has sparked a new debate about the hostility and persistent support Turkey has given to Pakistan in a fantasy like ambition held by Turkey to lead the Islamic nations.

Following an ongoing security evaluation, it has been discovered that Turkey has been subsidizing and supporting radical Islamic associations in Kerala and Kashmir. Turkey, driven by Islamist president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has purportedly risen as the focal point for anti-India activities. The expansionist Turkish government, looking to set up its strength in the Islamic world through its conservatism and ‘Footstool customs’ is currently trying to apply its effect on South Asian Muslims. As per authorities acquainted with the security evaluation, a broad audit was completed to uncover the heightened enemies of India exercises that are executed by Turkey in a joint effort with the underground government in Pakistan.

Supposedly, Erdogan is presently financing strict classes in India to radicalize Muslims and taking them on a full-cost secured outing to Turkey for additional influence. “We are likewise mindful of certain individuals from this gathering venturing out to Qatar to meet a few people from Turkey to look for financing for their exercises. That sums as high as Rs 40 lakh is being offered to lecture radical Islam in Kerala,” an administration official was cited as saying.

As per a report, Pakistani and Turkish authorities had additionally subsidized Islamist hate speech preacher Zakir Naik, who has been blamed for actuating and radicalizing Indian Muslims, with the assistance of Qatar. Other than censuring India over the compassionate Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the ensuing mobs, the Turkish government had supposedly siphoned in assets to draw out the fights. Allegedly, the administration in Turkey have been funding separatists in Kashmir like Syed Ali Shah Geelani, for quite a long while. According to the report, the Turkish government has additionally dispensed assets to an extreme Islamist association in Kerala every now and then.

Turkey has now become ‘Pakistan’s Dubai’, a place of refuge for the insight organization ISI somewhere in the range of 2000 and 2010. Allegedly, ISI had been effective in radicalizing Indian Muslims in UAE, including the organizers of fear outfit Indian Mujahideen. In any case, because of improved respective relations among India and UAE since 2014, the Gulf nation is not, at this point the center for enemies of India exercises.

A year ago, the Turkish media had revealed that Congress’ Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) has given a press proclamation about opening an office in Istanbul. One Muhammad Yusuf Khan was accounted for to head this office in Turkey. The reports of Congress opening an office there had come only days after Erdogan reflected Pakistan’s remain over Kashmir in open disobedience to India’s inclinations in the UN.

In 2019, during a location at the United Nations post the repeal of Article 370, Erdogan was seen supporting the position of Pakistan on Kashmir. During a joint question and answer session with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Turkish President thought about the purported “battle” of the Kashmiris to that of the battle of the Turks against unfamiliar occupation during the First World War. Be that as it may, India’s Ministry of External Affairs cautioned Erdogan to not meddle in India’s inside undertakings.

The representative of the MEA, Raveesh Kumar, had expressed, “India dismisses all references to Jammu and Kashmir, which is an indispensable and natural piece of India”

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