Proud feeling, Indian rickshaws seen on African roads- TVS, Bajaj and other companies got monopoly

In the contemporary landscape, Indian entrepreneurship has significantly left its imprint across diverse global territories. A recent social media post by a travel video creator has caused a stir by showcasing a surprising scene in an African city. The video features Indian vehicles navigating the city’s roads, capturing the attention and pride of viewers on social media. This noteworthy occurrence is rapidly gaining traction as it highlights the global presence and influence of Indian entrepreneurship.

According to the viral video, Indian auto rickshaws were visible all over the roads in Africa. Not only this, Bajaj, TVS, Bajaj Platina, and Maruti Suzuki Swift are the most popular vehicles in Africa. Generally, you will see only these Indian vehicles on the roads in every city in Africa. Indians take immense pride in this accomplishment.

Africa, known as the “African Continent”, is famous for its diverse cultural, geographical, and economic diversity. It includes different countries, tribes, and languages, making it a special and fascinating place. The entrepreneurship of the Indian era of this cultural richness also raised its sights and created a unique identity for Indian rickshaws. Indian rickshaw companies have now established their foothold in African markets and TVS, Bajaj, and other entrepreneurial companies have got a monopoly in it. This is due to their excellent design, durability, and energy efficiency rather than their ethical values.

Bansi Bishnoi has shared the viral video. Bansi Bishnoi is a travel vlogger who goes to different places explores the country and shares informative videos. This video has received more than 5 lakh views and 80 thousand likes so far. After watching the viral video, users shared a variety of reactions.

A user writes, ‘Respect of India. Tell them thanks for not buying from China.

Another user writes, ‘I’m proud to be an Indian. Salute Modi Ji.

Another user writes, ‘Wow it’s good to see our company export their bike car there.’

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