India defeats Japan, enters world’s top 5 club in terms of two-wheelers market

India with its rapid growth and development has made significant strides in the world’s two-wheeler market and has consequently joined the league of top 5 countries in the world by defeating Japan. There are many reasons behind this achievement, mainly India’s growing vehicle production and increasing user demand.

Some Indian companies have gained their position by replacing Japanese companies. Due to this today India exports its two-wheelers to almost 90 countries of the world. According to online sources, the Indian brand TVS has overtaken the Japanese company Yamaha, and TVS has become the world’s third-largest company by market capitalization.

India’s two-wheeler industry is the second largest producer in the world. Apart from this, India is also a big consumer. India sold about 16.2 million units in the year 2022. By 2028, India will start selling around 48.1 million units. A growth rate of about 13.2 percent every year has been noticed in this market alone. If we talk about the latest development, how TVS has overtaken it. Yamaha has made huge developments in the last 17 months.

Within six months, TVS Motor has achieved a growth of about 37 percent, due to which their market capitalization has become US $ 9.2 billion, while Yamaha Motor has noticed a decline of about $ 1.6 billion. According to Bloomberg report, Yamaha Motors currently has a market capitalization of US $ 8.8 billion.

4 big Indian companies are also included in the world top 5 companies. Bajaj Auto is at number one with a market capitalization of $19 billion. After that, Eicher Motors, which has 11.5 billion US dollars, followed by Hero MotoCorp with 8 billion and TVS Motors with 9.2 billion US dollars has come to the third position.

India exports two wheelers to about 90 countries, which include Nigeria, Philippines, Colombia, Uganda, Egypt, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mexico, West Asia and Latin America. Two-wheelers play an important role in India, and the main reason for this is the increasing population and increasing need. With the increasing population, more facilities and transportation solutions are required to meet the needs of the people, and two-wheelers play an important role in this.

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