Once he could not afford a “Roti”, but today he earns this much money every episode

There is literally nobody in this world who wants to lead a frugal life. Though we all dream of being successful very few of us actually get to relish the taste of success. Many of them give up dreams midway due to lack of perseverance or loss at some point or some distractions. However, it is important to not lose hope under any given circumstances and the ones who defied all odds have touched the pinnacle of success.

Kartikey Raj Aka’s story is one that needs to be told to give enough motivation for the people who are feeling low. Kartikey Raj Aka is well-known as Khajur for his acting skills in the most famous Indian comedian show “The Kapil Sharma Show“.

We are leaving it to your imagination as to how Khajur faced such tough times in his childhood age itself. He comes from a poor family where he had to often go to sleep without a meal.

There are five members in his family including him. His father Moti Prasad did labour work to meet the daily expenses. But his father didn’t leave any chance to educate his children.

Kartikey and his brother were not interested in study at all, hence they used to spend time in school by making fun with their friends. They had an inclination towards acting. Hence, they were sent to NGO school where acting was taught. They learned many basic acting skills.

In 2013, the auditions for a tv show “Best Dramebaaz ” was conducted in Patna. 20 children were selected for the show including Kartikey. Here Kartikey’s life journey began. His parents were very happy when they heard this news.

Kartikey was sent to Kolkata where the show was expected to be held. But the saying is absolutely true “who knows what can happen next”, the same happened with Kartikey. Here his life was going to totally change. During the show, the eyes of Kapil Sharma fell on his performance and became impressed by his acting. Then after Kapil called him and offered an opportunity to work in his show”The Kapil Sharma Show“.

His performance for the show earned him fame and pushed him to be among the popular child artists in India.

In the Kapil Sharma show, like other characters, he also won millions of hearts and the entire nation is proud of his talent. Now this small boy is living in Mumbai and managing both study and acting together. He is very popular with the character “Khajur” in the show.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.