Mutual Disengagement the priority, as India China hold Bilateral Talks

India and China emphasized that they will work to guarantee “total separation of the soldiers” along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Ladakh locale, where 15 Indian fighters were killed on June 15 out of a brutal go head to head with the Chinese armed force. The remarks were made at the sixteenth gathering of the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination on India-China Border Affairs. The different sides kept up that “harmony and quietness in the outskirt regions” was basic for by and large advancement of the reciprocal relations.

India-China diplomatic talks reaffirm disengagement

China India Friendship!!!
Can India and China ever go back to pre 15th June status quo?

MEA stated that two Senior Commanders will meet soon to discuss further steps so as to ensure complete disengagement and de-escalation in a timely manner. Reaffirming continued communication between India and China, another meeting of the WMCC will be held in the near future, stated the MEA. India was represented by Joint Secretary (East Asia) while the Director-General of the Boundary & Oceanic Department of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs represented China at the meet.

India-China agree to ‘complete disengagement at LAC’, no unilateral change to be attempted

Similarly, China has issued a statement on Friday, sharing positive progress made in easing the situation on the ground at the 16th WMCC meeting. The statement added that both sides have agreed to promptly and properly handle border issues to avoid rise of differences into disputes. This conciliatory tone is a major contrast to the accusatory stance taken by China previously, alleging India of intruding across the LAC. On July 6, Chinese Army removed tents from Patrol point 14, — the place where the Galwan Valley faceoff took place and moved back by 1 km. Moreover, sources said that rearward movement of vehicles of Chinese troops was seen in the general area of Galwan and Gogra Hot Springs. Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson  Lijian Zhao confirmed that both countries have progressed in disengaging and de-escalating the border situation in the June 30 Military commander-level talks.

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