“We will do in 15 months what BJP couldn’t in 15 years,” Kamal Nath tells Media

Chief Minister Kamal Nath added that the saffron party was misleading voters ‘in name of religion’. “You (voters) need to see through the politics of BJP. They will tell lies. They will send RSS people and say Hindu religion is under threat to divert your attention from truth,” Kamal Nath said while which is considered to be a BJP.

Nath, who was campaigning for party candidate Kantilal Bhuria, added that there was an actual difference in thinking between BJP and Congress. “We think for poor people and they (BJP) think for big businessmen,” CM said.

Credits: India Today

Nath said that on October 21 (voting day), voters would not only decide the fate of Congress and Kantilal Bhuria but Jhabua’s future as well. He gave a word that he will do more in the next 15 months what BJP couldn’t do in the last 15 years.

“You need to give me a chance. The way I have developed Chhindwara, I will create a history of developing Jhabua. I will do in the next 15 months what BJP couldn’t do in last 15 years,” he said.

Previously, at the start of his 18-km long roadshow from Gopalpura to Kalyanpura village of Jhabua assembly constituency, Kamal Nath has expressed his notion and faith that Congress would win Jhabua by-poll with a massive margin. “People of Madhya Pradesh have been monitoring our work. In our 9 months in power, we have worked to benefit every section of society,” Nath said.

When he was asked about Kantilal Bhuria being projected as a cabinet minister after clinching the election, the chief minister said, “Isko hum aage dekhege (We will see it in future)”. Congress leaders added that during CM’s meeting, as many as 100 BJP workers joined the party. Kamal Nath had also addressed a close-door meeting of party’s sector officials of Jhabua seat.