No Rajat Sharma did not abuse “BehenCh**” on camera, he actually said “ab kya bahas Karu”

Senior journalist Rajat Sharma is facing a controversy, recently Congress leader Ragini Nayak has made a big allegation on senior journalist Rajat Sharma. Ragini claimed that Rajat Sharma abused me during an argument. These days it is common for political spokespersons and anchors to have arguments on any issue in political shows on TV news channels, but can a senior journalist use such abusive words?

According to online reports, Ragini first released a clip on social media on Tuesday and made the allegation and then also held a press conference. Ragini started crying while repeating her allegations in front of the journalists. Ragini Nayak also claimed on Twitter that Rajat Sharma used abusive words against her.

According to the viral video, there was an argument going on between journalist Rajat Sharma and Ragini Nayak regarding the Congress party and election seat, in this argument, Rajat Sharma can be seen mumbling at the end of the video. But supporters of the Congress party took this video and where Rajat Sharma is mumbling, they wrote a text in which he wrote abusive words. Now the users watching it will feel that a senior journalist is using abusive words.

However, according to sources, ‘Rajat Sharma did not use any such abusive words for Ragini Nayak. There are 2 versions of this video, one in which Congress has alleged that Rajat Sharma abused Ragini on camera. And the other in which Rajat Sharma mumbled, “Ab kya behes karoon” (Now what should I argue with) These two words are very similar to each other, taking advantage of which the video was edited with a new twist.

One side of this video is that if the entire video is watched carefully, even before the controversial argument, Rajat Sharma says to Ragini Nayak, “Mai Aapse Jyada Behes nahi Karna chahta (I do not want to argue with you much.)” And after this, he down his head and mumbles, “Kya behes karoon”. Therefore, there is every possibility that he did not use any abusive words. But Congress has made this an issue.

Senior journalist Ashok Srivastava also says in clear words through his video analysis, “I have been in journalism for more than 30 years. Those anchors who are experienced journalists and have been on television channels for a long time and have faced all kinds of situations do not abuse like this on television shows. Based on my experience, I believe Rajat Sharma would not have been abused since he is a very mature journalist.”

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