AIIMS sanitation chief dies of Covid-19, he was never off duty for a single day, kept the hospital clean

In shocking news, the senior sanitation supervisor at AIIMS, New Delhi Heera Lal has lost his life due to coronavirus. AIIMS is the premier health care institutions of the country where common people, big personalities including India’s ministers are treated.

It has been learnt that Heera Lal never missed a day on duty until COVID-19 struck him last Tuesday and took him away on Monday morning. An amazing, ever-smiling person whose duty was to stay in touch with disinfection staff, cleaners, and ward boys, that’s how he came in contact with a coronavirus patient and showed symptoms of COVID-19 on Tuesday.

Kuldip Singh, General Secretary of AIIMS New Delhi said that the institute conducted the blood test for him as he started fell ill.“He was asked to go home and take rest and come back if symptoms progress. His condition suddenly worsened within two days and he was rushed to the emergency where he was put on ventilator support. It was too late by then. It was also only when he was brought to the emergency that his COVID 19 test was done”.

He went on to say that while handling all the work of cleanliness and sanitation he was not having the protective gear and for those it should be the priority to wear the protective gear. He said “People whose roles need them to engage with all kinds of potential infection sources should get priority in protective gear. We have hundreds of sanitation staffers who are constantly on the job and at risk,”

“Heera Lal used to be on duty while in the struck of COVID -19 and used to handle all the work. All senior doctors remember him for his dedication towards his work, for his enthusiastic spirits, and for his smiling face. But, now he has gone also two days ago former AIIMS HOD Medicine JN Pande had also died of COVID” he further added.

He dedicated his life to serving his country’s people who were fighting against the deadly coronavirus. He did his best to serve the country without caring about his life. Hats off to him!

Unfortunately, for now, there is no vaccination or cure available to help patients recover the deadly disease. So it is advised to take all possible precautions. People must wear a face mask and gloves while doing their jobs to avoid contact with coronavirus infection.

Writer, historian, and activist Dharam Sikarwar is a very active author The Youth. He writes on national and international issues, environment, politics. He is an avid book reader as well.