Grandmother becomes Adult Film Star after her husband dies

It seems that there is great scope even for elderly people in the porn industry and an 83-year-old woman from Japan has proved it. The elderly woman has shown a great deal of interest in becoming an adult film star herself. She is well aware of the fact that Japan’s porn film industry is growing and the high-paying salary has even attracted many young girls to the industry.

As per China Press, the woman identified as Ogasawara Yuko grew up with a strict education. Her father was known to be an office worker while her mother was a homemaker. She later got married and had three children- two sons and a daughter.

Ogasawara Yuko thought that her life would be as simple as her mother’s that is to look after children and keeping home neat and clean. In a weird turn of events, her life took a sudden U-turn.

When her husband died aged 59 from liver failure, she was heartbroken and became weak for a while. After two years, she decided to step out of her misery and opened her own restaurant with help and support from her family.

One day, a female customer approached Ogasawara and asked if she was interested in featuring in adult films. Ogasawara initially refused at first but was later convinced and followed the woman to the porn filming website.

During the visit, Ogasawara watched a young woman and an old man making a film. She then added: “If I were to become one, I don’t want an old man. I want a handsome young man.”

The producer who heard her quickly said, “If you are willing, we can arrange for that.”

Finally, Ogasawara officially started her adult film career at the age of 81 years. The male actors she had filmed with were young enough to be her grandsons.

“This is the first time I had sex with a boy other than my husband,” she stated, adding that her life is finally good now and that she enjoys this part of her life very much as it is very satisfying.

She also added that her son knew she is filming adult films and encouraged her to do what she liked to do.