Businessman drives his BMW to Ayodhya, works at the Ram Temple construction site as a worker

Construction of the Ayodhya Ram Temple, a project eagerly anticipated by Indians, is advancing steadily towards completion. Over a thousand dedicated workers are putting in tremendous effort to build the temple. A recent video from News Gujarati 18, circulating on social media, features interviews with these workers, revealing the deep devotion they have towards the construction of the temple. One particular worker’s story stands out, showcasing the remarkable dedication that Shri Ram’s devotees bring to this sacred endeavor.

This worker is not an ordinary worker, he has a successful business in Surat, Gujarat in which more than 100 people work under him. He is a contractor who says he owns a BMW and does not ride in any other vehicle. Now the question that might arise is, ‘Despite being such a successful businessman, why has he come to work like a worker?’ This is his devotion towards Shri Ram.

According to the viral video, he says, ‘I am very fortunate that I got the opportunity to serve Shri Ram. My parents are also very proud of me. When I came, it was for a month before October but now I feel that I will not leave here until Shri Ram is present in the temple. He further says that I have just come here to serve, and whatever salary I get, I will donate it to charity.

He is asked that his family members will not say that if you don’t earn, how will the house run? He replies, ‘No, by the grace of God I have everything, I am a contractor and 100 people work under me. But the temple will be built only once and you will not get this opportunity to serve again and again. There is a whole life left to earn. We will be very grateful to Modi ji, Yogi ji, and the Supreme Court throughout our lives, they built the temple here and we got the opportunity to work here.

It is only the feeling of reverence and devotion within him towards Lord Ram that brought him from Gujarat to Ayodhya and he got the unique opportunity to serve. Users gave a lot of love to the viral video and also shared many reactions.

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