Shankaracharya is upset over Modi’s inaugurating Ayodhya Temple- says he can’t touch Ram Idol

The Ayodhya Ram temple inauguration ceremony is scheduled for 22 January. The preparations will start in full swing from January 14th. And everyone is being given invitations with rice for 22nd January. The same invitation also reached Puri Shankaracharya ji in which it is written that if he wants to come, he can join the Ayodhya program with a maximum of one person. But Puri Shankaracharya ji was not happy with this and expressed his displeasure towards PM Modi and again targeted him.

Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati of Govardhan Peeth in Puri, one of the country’s leading Hindu saints, has announced that he will not go to the sanctum Sanctorum of the Ram temple in Ayodhya on January 22 for the establishes of the idol of Lord Ram. Puri Shankaracharya ji says, ‘“Our Math has received an invitation for the event on January 22 in Ayodhya, which says that if I want to come there, I can come there with a maximum of one person. Even if I was allowed to be there with 100 people, I would not have gone there that day.”

He further adds, “I have been visiting Ayodhya in the past and will visit the same religious city in the future too for the darshan of Lord Ram, especially when the work that has been stalled for centuries is finally getting done. However, the establishment of the idol of Ramlala in the temple should be done as per Shastriya Vidhi (the principles of our scriptures). The jurisdiction of Govardhan Peeth/Math is up to Prayag, but neither our advice nor our guidance was sought for the entire religious practice of 22 January.

” As a devout Hindu, I am not at all troubled by this, especially since Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not portray himself as secular. He is brave and takes pride in the concepts of Hindutva and idol worship. He is not cowardly in showing himself as secular. But if, as Shankaracharya, I will touch the idol and establish it there, should I applaud and cheer for him?”

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