MBBS Topper and Gold Medalist Doctor leaves all pleasure and becomes ‘Sadhvi’

For a girl who was living a comfortable life in the metropolitan city of Mumbai, had been a ‘Topper’ and ‘Gold Medalist’ in her batch of MBBS from the Ahmednagar University of Maharashtra, and was practicing as a Physician since the last 3 years, Hina Hingar’s decision to become a Jain monk or ‘Sadhvi’, has grabbed headlines nationwide. On Wednesday, she took renunciation in a grand ceremony in Gujarat’s Surat, where the family hails from.

Hina and her family celebrated on Tuesday, as it was her last day of enjoying worldly pleasures. The whole family gathered in Surat for the ceremony. A group of Jain Sadhvis was also present, to give their blessings to Hina. She will now spend the rest of her life with these Sadhvis, after taking ‘Diksha’ (religious coaching) from her spiritual teacher Acharya Vijay Yashovarma Sureshwarji Maharaj, which is a very tough and painstaking procedure.

As per the ritual, she will have to leave her family and do ‘Gruha Tyag’ to attain sainthood. However, it was not easy for Hina to convince her family about her decision. Daughter of a Garment trader in Mumbai, and the ‘Eldest’ of 6 sisters, she had been trying to convince her family and parents regarding her will to become a Jain monk, ever since the last 12 years, and was able to make them agree with her.

According to reports, Hina’s family had strongly objected to her decision as she was raised amongst all the comforts of a luxurious life present around her. In fact, in Hina’s own words, it is not easy for anyone to renounce this world – which is full of various kinds of temptations, and become a monk. It took many attempts for Hina, after which she was finally successful in convincing her family, especially her sisters who loved her a lot.

Though they were sad about the fact that Hina was going to leave them forever, her sisters were also proud and were supportive of her decision. While practicing as a Physician, Hina’s association with spirituality had strengthened considerably in the last 3 years, which made her resolve strong enough to take the decision to become a monk. The Youth wishes Hina success in her journey as a saint.

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