China withdraws request as no discussion takes place on Kashmir issue at UN Security Council

China has withdrawn its request to hold discussions in the UN Security Council over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir, has said that discussions on the issue are going on at the Council.

The discussion was expected to be taken place on Kashmir issue but the US, Russia, France, and Britain have backed India. After that China had to take its request back.  

On Tuesday, China made a request to hold discussions in the UN Security Council over Kashmir issue after Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi wrote a letter to the Council on December 12 on the situation in the region.

Beijing wanted the issue to be discussed in the Security Council Consultations Room under “other matters” during closed consultations Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier China took the matter to UNSC for discussion over Kashmir issue on August 16. However, due to subsequent developments ahead of the UNSC consultations, it became clear that the matter would not come up for discussion as earlier planned.

A European diplomatic official, before heading into the Security Council closed consultations, said that the discussion on Kashmir will not take place as China has withdrawn its request.

Following the Security Council closed consultations, China’s Ambassador to the UN Zhang answered all questions made by reporters at the Security Council stake-out on the situation in North Korea.

He was then asked by a reporter as to why the discussion on Kashmir wasn’t happening.

I don’t think I am in a position to say anything more. We all know that the Security Council has received a letter from the Foreign Minister of Pakistan requesting Security Council discussions and discussions are going on there, the Chinese envoy said.

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