10 Highest Paying Jobs for Freshers in India, catch full details

1. Full Stack Developer & Software Developer

A full-stack developer is none other than a web developer or engineer who specialises with both the front and back ends of a website or application—meaning they can do projects that involve databases, building user-facing websites, or sometimes work with clients during the planning phase of projects. A full-stack developer can earn between 3 to 10 lakhs per year in India.

On the other hand, there are majority software engineers in our country without the shadow of any doubt. If you are into IT or computer science, you have a great chance to become a software engineer. Well, nowadays even the IT giants are recruiting freshers even from the non-IT department as well. The more you gain a wide range of experience in practical skills, you will earn more.

So the average salary for a fresh Software Engineer in India, or a person within the experience level of 0 to 3 years, is about 3.6 lakhs per annum. The salary is actually drawn totally depends on which company recruits these freshers.

2. Data Scientist

For your information, Data science is a multi-disciplinary field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract the technical know-how from structured and unstructured data. Data science is associated with data mining and big data. A college fresher who joins any company as a Data Scientist can earn about 11.5 lakhs per year. Needless to say, the knowledge of a Data Scientist can influence the salary.

In case you didn’t know about Data Engineer for Deep Learning, the average salary is INR 874,691 to INR 60,00,000 per year. While artificial intelligence has been most talked stream over last decade, decoding it further to understand its subtle difference, deep learning means neural science, which is nothing but using brain simulations to make algorithms much better and easier to use. A data engineer in deep learning helps in collecting the necessary data required to make these algorithms.

3. Salesforce Engineer

Coming to the field of Cloud Computing, a Salesforce Engineer fresher can earn 5 lakhs per annum, in what is a great starting package for freshers. Once a fresher gains experience, they can easily earn 7 lakhs per annum within the next year’s time.

4. Management Consultant

Management consulting helps organizations to improve their performance. For freshers who prefer to become management consultants, the average salary stands at 8 lakhs per year.

Other important information: The salary of a manager varies from respective fields and it ranges from INR 300,314 to INR 1,570,973 per year. From HR (Human Resource) to business, there are a variety of streams for a manager.

The role of a manager is to control the operations and manage people in a company. A PG degree like MBA (Master of Business Administration) can guide you to become a good manager of a company.

5. Commercial Pilot

Majority of the people who are in this profession must have set high standards for themselves in childhood itself to become a Pilot. A pilot is a person who operates or controls the directions of an aircraft or a helicopter.

Unlike other drivers, becoming a pilot is not so easy as it involves a lot of cognisance and physical fitness standards. There are 3 stages of pilot licenses that you need to obtain in a bid to bloom in your career – Student Pilot License (SPL), Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

While training, entry-level commercial pilots can make about 2 lakhs per annum. After confirmation on the job, on average, they can earn as high as 23 lakhs per annum.

6. Doctor

Doctors are highly respected in society and you could see plenty of doctors in the hospital as the revolution in health care is growing. The average salary of a doctor is INR 902,800 per year in India. A doctor is the second God. He is someone who restores human’s health back to normal through the best practice of medicine. With vast knowledge, a doctor can diagnose and treat human disease, injuries, ailments, pain and so on.

The fundamental qualification required to become a doctor is MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery). To become a specialist doctor, one must pursue a PG degree in the relevant specialisation.

In India, an MBBS fresher earns at least a minimum of rupees 7 lakhs per annum.

7. Civil Servants

The Civil Services Examination is a nationwide competitive exam in India conducted by the UPSC for recruitment to several Civil Services of the Government of India, including the IAS, IPS and IFS.

The Civil Servants refer to the career bureaucrats who are the permanent executive branch of the Republic of India. After the 7th pay commission, junior-level civil servants are now earning between 50k and 1.5 lakh per month, and their grade pay stands at 16,000 per month.

8. Chartered Accountant

After passing Class X, you’re always one decision away from a totally different life. Obviously, the majority would prefer Computer Science group followed by Biology group and only very few people choose the commerce stream during higher secondary education.

Every student who is into this stream would want to become a chartered accountant. You can enjoy different roles either as an employer or an entrepreneur and both these positions pay you handsomely.

The average salary of a fresher who wants to become a Chartered Accountant in India, ranges from 6 to 8 lakhs per annum. The experienced ones can earn upto INR 1,915,971 per year.

9. Merchant Navy

As far as the Merchant Navy is concerned, a fresher’s salary can range between Rs. 12,000 during training months to 8 lakhs/month.

10. Startup Founder

Startup founder can earn anywhere between 50-60K per month to a lakh for an early revenue-generating company.