Terrorists pound Pak Stock Exchange Building with heavy weapons, at least 7 dead

Four intensely armed terrorists, thought to be from a banned Baloch Terror organization, on Monday made an brutal attack to assume control over the Pakistan Stock Exchange building, killing four security guards, a cop and at least two civilians before being shot dead by security forces. The aggressors, who showed up in a vehicle, opened vengeful fire and hurled shrapnel projectiles at the main entryway of the multi-story building which is situated in the city’s business area as they attempted to storm it.

Outfitted with assault rifles, grenades and plastic explosives, they attempted to go into the compound of the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) working their way through a parking garage but security forces thwarted their assault inside the compound itself, Deputy Superintendent of Police (South) Jamil Ahmed said.

“The gunmen hurled hand grenades and started shooting at first at the entrance to drive themselves into the compound yet one of them was shot down promptly and that pushed them back,” he said. Director General Rangers Sindh Major-General Omer Ahmed Bokhari, tending to a public interview in Karachi, said the assailants proposed to enter the structure and hold individuals hostage.

“Each terrorist was equipped with weapons that included AK-47s, grenades launchers. They were additionally carrying food and water,” he said. “The PSX is a significant image of financial movement in Pakistan. Subsequently the target of these militants was to ramp up fatalities and hold prisoners. It was an endeavor to make an impression on the world that Pakistan isn’t protected. They needed to harm Pakistan’s financial movement and damage investor confidence,” DG Rangers said. Four security guards, a police sub-inspector and two civilians were killed in the overwhelming firing at the PSX compound.

The Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) has supposedly claimed responsibility for the assault. The BLA has carried out a few terror assaults before, incorporating a self destruction assault in August 2018 that focused on the Chinese in Balochistan, a November 2018 assault on the Chinese department in Karachi, and a May 2019 assault against Pearl Continental Hotel in Gwadar, Balochistan.

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