You can fly from Mumbai to New York in just 2 hours – read full details

There are different modes of transport. Out of that, ‘Airways’ is the fastest means of transport. Thanks to Airways. With time being an imperative factor these days, people prefer to travel by planes for a fast and comfortable journey.

Would you believe that you can travel from Mumbai to New York in just 2 hours? Sounds crazy, isn’t it? The distance from Mumbai to New York is 12,530 km. But, still, you can be able to reach the destination as fast as possible. Thanks to Boeing’s interesting concept plane.


Boeing, the ever so famous company threw light on the new concept at an Aerospace conference recently i.e “Hypersonic Passenger Plane” that took the world by a surprise. The plane can travel 6,276 km in an hour which is about 5 times the speed of sound, which means it will save plenty of time

Boeing strongly believes that ‘Hypersonic Passenger’ planes will be the future. The plane is still in the concept stage and it will be quite interesting to see how things would progress in the build-up to the construction and development of this super cool plane.

The company reckons they can reduce the time to travel between countries to hours with their plane. Some decades ago, who would have thought that people could commute between Mumbai to New York in 14 hours? But times have changed now as the technology is evolving rapidly than ever.

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