You all have voted for Modi, I won’t help I am not your CM anymore, says Kumaraswamy

Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy lost his cool at protesters on Wednesday. “Should I order police to lathi charge? You vote for Narendra Modi and expect me to solve your problem…You don’t deserve any respect,” this is what he said.

The members of the Yeramarus Thermal Power Plant workers rushed to stop KSRTC bus where CM Kumaraswamy boarded, which was on its way to Karegudde village.

Tungabhadra Valaya Hangami Karmikara Sangha and Hutti Gold Mines Staff Workers Union gathered to narrate their woes of not getting wages to the CM. But the Chief Minister started ranting when the workers expected some positive development.

The incident took place when HD Kumaraswamy was on his way to a Raichur village. The Karnataka CM started the second ‘village stay’ program to visit villages and earn trust of the people by listening to their problems and sorting them.

The protesters (majority of them are from the Yermarus Thermal Power Station and Hutti Gold Mines) began shouting slogans when CM was about to leave the inspection bungalow in Yermarus. For nearly 20 minutes, they protested against the CM chanting slogans demanding the government meet their demands over pending pays and work conditions.

The protestors say that as many as 748 employees who are working for the power plant have not been paid wages for the last 14 months.

R Manasayya who is a union leader stressed on the fact that CM promised to meet them at Yeramarus bungalow to talk about the issue. When they came across his bus pass without stopping, the workers came rushing only to stop the bus.

Speaking to reports, he added that CM didn’t fulfil promise to listen to people’s problems.

After learning that the protesters won’t let go of him, the CM finally had agreed to discuss with the protestors from the bus itself. He later assured that their issues would be solved within a week.

Responding to the CM’s rant, the BJP launched a scathing attack on him. BJP MLA Arvind Limbavali said, “If you cannot listen to the people then who in Karnataka asked you to become the CM? Kannadigas anyways didn’t vote for you nor did they ask you to be the CM. Do the state a favour by stepping down. You are fit for nothing.”