Karnataka Farmer paints his dog like a ‘Tiger’ to scare away Monkeys

Karnataka farmer has recently painted a dog which looks like a Tiger and the picture of which is doing the rounds on all social media platform. The reason behind the farmer painting dog is to scare away raiding monkeys in the state.

Earlier, the farmers in the state faced difficulties with monkey infestations in their farms and in an attempt to put an end to all these, farmers seem to be painting their dogs in tiger stripes to scare away the monkey threat in Malnad region in Shivamogga, as reported by Deccan Herald.

Monkeys destroying crops in farms around the regions led to a massive problem for farmers. Farmer Srikant Gowda who owned the dog stated that he got the idea of using fake tigers to scare away monkeys 4 years ago when he visited Uttarakhand. He learnt that a farmer in Bhatkal was using a fake tiger doll to scare away monkeys. So Gowda decided to experiment the same formula in his area field and it worked well.

Gowda told Deccan Herald that the tactic would not last much longer so he rather he painted his dog in tiger stripes to solve the problem once and for all. The paint doesn’t harm the dog. It is made of hair dye and lasts up to a month before fading away.

Besides doing all this, the farmer has also put up posters of his dog and that of tigers in the grass in an attempt to scare away monkeys in the area. It should be noted that this isn’t the first time that a dog started pretending as a tiger in India.

A dog identified as ‘Wag’ in Udupi was also painted with black hair dye 4 years ago. The dog owner, Nagaraj Mestha, told Bangalore Mirror that he did it to protect his farms from monkeys.