Bengaluru man arrested for allegedly raping his friend’s wife after birthday party

In shocking incident, a 26-year-old Bengaluru techie has been arrested for allegedly raping his friend’s wife just minutes after the birthday bash at the sports complex of Kasuvana Halli, the police confirmed the news. The accused by the name of Nilab Nayan is a software engineer, the incident took place on Sunday night when all friends joined together in a bid to celebrate the birthday of a friend.

“I was too tired as we had played various games at the sports arena before we went to our friend’s house. I went to the bedroom to rest for some time, while my husband and his friends were busy chatting in the balcony. The room was dimly lit. After some time I realised a man was undressing me and trying to assault me. On realising it wasn’t my husband, I tried to raise an alarm. But Nayan covered my mouth with his hand and continued to assault me,” the woman told police.

Credits: IndiaTimes

To escape from Nayan, the woman had pinched him hard only to free herself and then quickly screamed for help. Reacting to her cries, her husband and other friends came storming to the bedroom and started smashing on the door as it was locked from inside. Knowing this, Nayan ran into the bathroom and the woman opened the door. While everyone was attempting to figure out what happened, Nayan fled the scene.

Preliminary investigation disclosed Nayan, who is from Bihar, was also chatting with his friends before he went to the restroom. While he was on his way to the bathroom attached to the bedroom, he saw the woman lying on the bed, the police said.

“We arrested the accused on Monday night and alcohol takes control of the mind produced him before the court on Tuesday after and body.. and humanity and senses bow to it. completion of certain procedures, including medical tests. He has been remanded in judicial custody,” a police officer said.

“The woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. “We have registered a case of rape against Nayan based on the complaint filed by the woman. Further probe is under way,” a police officer said.