Family Man suffering from a very rare disease, he’s slowly dying in front of his children

A family man in Bangladesh, identified as Shadot Hossain Pramanik is suffering from a very rare disease. He has bubble-like tumours covering his entire body. He shares his painful life-story.

“I have tumours over my entire body. The kids, when they see me, they are afraid of me. Wherever I go, there is a lot of smell. So there are often lots of flies around me.

There’s a lot of pain and often I’m unable to see anything. I feel itchy all over my body and on my neck. It hurts. I also can’t wear clothing on my body.

“I got married to him when I was 19 and after five years I gave birth to our first child. Basically (the tumours) started getting much five years ago and since it has slowly become worse and worse. He is not able to do anything alone now.

I even need to change his clothes. If he wants to use the toilet, he needs help to do that as well. He’s not able to sleep at night and sometimes, we are unable to sleep at all,” says Shadot’s wife, Tajmohel Khatun.

Dr. Mahmudul Hasal said, “Patient Shadot’s condition is very serious. We think it might be a neurological problem.

According to a report, the patient is suffering from Neurofibromatosis. It means that it is a disorder that causes tumours to form on nerve tissue.

“He’ll have to go somewhere else to get the treatment,” said the doctor.

“I don’t share my problems with other people. I have accepted my fate,” says Shadot’s wife who has three children (two grown-up daughters who got married and left home and 12-year-old son).

“When we learned about this unusual disease, we visited him and were horrified after seeing him. Hopefully, his life will become less tortured and he could have a normal life, and be able to support his family and help his boy study and hope govt gives him the required treatment,” says Mohammad Mamun Biswas.