Meet Lalrinnungi- 16-yr-old girl who became first board exam topper from her village

A bird is born to fly, a fish is born to swim and a human being is born to achieve and touch the pinnacle of success. But the biggest question arises as to how many minds of the nation really use their potential to better effect and create something extraordinary in life? Hardly, few.

Lalrinnungi’s success story is one that needs to be told to inspire other young minds of the nation. She proved that with important elements like hard work, grit and dedication, anything is possible in life.

Credits: IT

The 16-year-old girl from Mizoram hails from a humble background and she has achieved extraordinary in her life. Let’s find out.

Well, it was just another day for her when she was assisting her parents to sell vegetables at a roadside market in Mizoram’s Aizawl.

The news of her board exams results changed their life completely. Yes, Lalrinnungi, the vegetable vendor’s daughter scored a staggering 92% in the class 10 board exams.

Lalrinnungi who is the youngest of four siblings made her parents proud than ever. Her parents- Lalhlimpuii and Zothanluanga, are vegetable sellers and they have worked really hard to provide their kids with the top-quality education.

According to this report, after the results were declared, Lalrinnungi was congratulated by the locals under the charge of village councils and NGOs for being a topper in HSLC examination.

Her parents faced financial problems while trying to admit her in the first school, the Presbyterian English School.

Lalrinnungi strived hard in her life, shuttling between selling vegetables and studying, and eventually, all her hard work bore fruit as she got admitted in another school- St Joseph Higher Secondary School – a boarding school, the report adds.

As per the reports, after her class 10 score, she is now flooded with several offers from multiple schools and is blissfully pleased as punch.