56-yr-old Anil Puri becomes first Indian Army officer to cycle 1200 Km in 90 hours without sleep

In today’s world, fitness plays a major role and it is important to stay fit for a healthier and longer life. Almost everybody has been trying to work towards health and to stay fit but not all are fit and why? Do they lack motivation? If so, then here is the inspirational story of Lieutenant General Anil Puri which can surely motivate you in many ways.

Anil Puri has done the unthinkable! His extraordinary tale of stamina to cycle 1200 km and that too in 90 hours without sleep considering that he is 56 years old just goes to show that age is just a number.

At 56, he became the first serving Lieutenant General-rank officer of the Indian Army to successfully finish 1,200-km Paris-Brest-Paris circuit, France’s oldest cycling event.

Even the official page of the Indian Army posted a tweet which reads, ‘#Congratulations Lieutenant General Anil Puri to become first serving general #IndianArmy to complete France’s oldest cycling event, 1,200-km Paris-Brest-Paris circuit. The 56 years old officer completed the circuit on 23 August 19 by cycling non-stop for 90 hours, without sleep’.

Just imagine! 90 hours means almost four days and that too without sleep, the great man has done this. The best part is that he is 56 years old and he still managed to do it without any difficulty.

He had the grit and determination to script history and people on social media are praising Lieutenant General Anil Puri for his massive achievement.

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