Amazon opens world’s largest office in India, USA media gets furious

In a sensational development, Amazon has opened its largest building in the world in Hyderabad recently. It should be noted that it is the only Amazon-owned campus outside the world and is a massive sign that the e-commerce giant continues to see India is a significant market.

The campus is located in Hyderabad’s financial district and will be home to over 15,000 workers.

Credits: Variety

Amazon first laid the foundation stone for the largest campus building on March 30, 2016. It then took over three years for the Amazon campus to be constructed

Approximately 2,000 active workers were on the site daily for 39 months. It took around 18 million hours to build the new Amazon campus.

The overall built-up area (when spread out) will be over 68 acres and to put it in another term, it is the size of about 65 football fields. There are over 15,000 work points across 1.8 million square feet in office space.

It is constructed on 3 million square feet. This is Amazon’s single largest building worldwide in terms of the overall area. An interesting fact is that Amazon’s Hyderabad campus has over 2.5 times more steel (measured by weight) when compared to the Eiffel Tower

There are around 49 high-speed elevators that can move at the speed of 1 floor per second. Even at any given point of time, the elevators have the potential to move as many as 972 people simultaneously to the 290 conference rooms on the campus.

Trees are an important part of human life and there are more than 300 trees in the campus which has 8.5 lakh litre water recycling plant. The campus also has a helipad including all-day open cafeteria