PM Modi gives good news for the entire nation, check out full details

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the students of the Royal University of Bhutan on the second day of his visit to the country and in his speech, PM Modi stated that India is eliminating poverty like never before.

Addressing the onlookers, Narendra Modi said that India is experiencing a massive transformation in a wide range of sectors. He also added that India committed itself towards getting rid of poverty. Moreover, the Prime Minister also asserted that the speed of constructing infrastructure has in fact, doubled in the last five years.

PM Modi (Credits: News Mobile)

“Friends, today India is witnessing historic transformation in a wide range of sectors. India is eliminating poverty, faster than ever before,” he said

“India is witnessing historic transformations in a wide range of sectors. India is eliminating poverty faster than ever before. The pace of infrastructure construction has doubled in the last five years,” PM Modi tweeted.

Besides his fast-paced infrastructure growth and dedication towards fighting poverty, PM Narendra Modi spoke about several healthcare schemes like Ayushman Bharat.

“India is home to the world’s largest healthcare programme, Ayushman Bharat that offers health assurance to 500 million Indians. India has among the cheapest data connectivity in the world, which is, directly and indirectly, empowering millions,” Modi tweeted.

Previously on August 15, in his Independence Day speech at Red Fort, PM Narendra Modi said that India needs to eliminate poverty for its development.

“If the country has to cross new heights and make its place in the world, we have to strengthen our program to eradicate poverty. It is not a favour to anybody, for a glorious future we have to get rid of poverty. In the last 5 years, we have successfully moved towards achieving the goal and compared to earlier days, faster and efficient work is done, ” he said.