Indian girl tells how Hamas terrorists cut off kids in front of their eyes

Aanchal Chaudhary, from Rajasthan, recently returned from Israel where she was pursuing a PhD in Neuro Science, amid the ongoing conflict with Hamas. Her family is thankful for her safe return and appreciates the Indian government’s efforts to evacuate stranded Indians.

According to Anchal, “What we saw in Israel from the morning of October 7 was not good at all and was a dangerous terrorist attack. We all were worried and were away from our family members. Our family members were more worried than us.” Israel is a very advanced country. They have created their own app. If there is a possibility of an attack, an alert is sent in advance. When there was a missile attack on Israel, they did not let even a single missile fall down but destroyed it in the sky itself. But the worst thing that happened was that on Saturday night everyone in Israel, from kids to adults, was enjoying and the very next morning there was an attack on Israel, and terrorists coming from parachutes were directly shooting innocent people.

The people of Israel were so courageous and fearless that they all got ready to face the terrorists with guns and all had the same thought that “they will fight till their last breath and save their country.” For our safety, the Government of India has taken utmost care. It helped that Indian MBC used to contact us every minute. The Indian Government has always taken information about our safety. The Indian Government has done a lot of work, the link came at 2 o’clock in the night and the ticket confirmation was received within 5 minutes.

When I came to know about the attack from my friends, they told me that there was a blast near their building. Attacks started at other places too and many missiles started arriving. In such a situation, my friend told me to come to the centre but I did not believe him. After this, the app made by the government started and alerts including messages started coming. But we were so confident that the Israeli government would not let anything happen to us. Because the Israel Army is the number one army.

After that when the link came from the Government of India we felt the link to come to India. At night we tried the link and we immediately got confirmation. Anchal said that the Indian government took immediate action to evacuate its countrymen from Israel and is still evacuating the countrymen from there. The Government of India has done and is doing this very well under Operation Ajay.

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