Congress hits new low, attacks superstar Rajinikanth for supporting article 370 removal

The Tamil Nadu Congress Committee hit out at Superstar Rajinikanth for backing the NDA government’s decision to abolish Article 370 and his opinions on PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amir Shah. The party also issued a statement dramatically politicising Rajinikanth’s remark and has pulled out the religious card to downplay the actor’s opinion.

TN Congress President KS Alagiri also said that he did not expect such type of statement from Rajinikanth.

Credits: India Today

“Rajinikanth is a spiritual person. His comments on Kashmir issue are shocking. I wonder if he has mistaken spirituality for religious feeling”, he added.

Promoting the Congress’ allegations against the removal of Article 370, Alagiri reiterated that the state of Kashmir had been snatched away of their rights and that it was injustice done to them.

”Special status is in practice for the North East States. Will the Narendra Modi government revoke the special status in those states? Modi government has revoked Article 370 in Kashmir only because it’s a Muslim dominated state”, he said, repeating what P Chidambaram had also said.

Alagiri went on to advise Rajinikanth to reread the Mahabharata in order for him to realize that Amit Shah and PM Modi were not the Krishna-Arjuna combo that the actor had coined and that they had allegedly snatched the rights of the people of Jammu and Kashmir away.

“Does Rajinikanth accept that rules of justice are different in Kashmir and other states? I wish Rajinikanth begin re-reading Mahabharata, again and again, the to understand that Amit Shah and Modi are Duruyodnan and Sakuni. How can they be Lord Krishna and Arjuna when they have snatched they have snatched the rights of people?”, he said.

Rajinikanth heaped praise on Home Minister Amit Shah for his ‘Mission Kashmir’ after when the Indian government successfully moved to abolish Article 370, while passing the Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill in the Parliament previously in the week.

Praising Amit Shah for his speech in the Parliament and PM Narendra Modi, Rajinikanth described the duo as the ‘Krishna-Arjuna’ combination.

Expressing his opinion at the launch of a book on Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s two-year charge in office, Rajinikanth told Amit Shah, who was seated among the dignitaries on the stage, “Heartfelt congratulations for Mission Kashmir. The way you conducted it, hats off, especially the speech you delivered in Parliament. Fantastic sir. Now people will come to know who is Amit Shah. I’m happy about it.”

The veteran continued, “Amit Shah ji and Modi ji is like Krishna-Arjuna combination, we don’t know is Krishna and Arjuna, they only know. Good luck to you and to the country, through you.”