Age is just a number, elderly couple fight armed thieves until they run away

An elderly couple in Tamil Nadu displayed an extraordinary tale of bravery as they fought armed robbers with plastic chairs and slippers after the two intruders entered their home last Sunday.

The shocking incident was captured on CCTV cameras at the couple’s home in Kalyanipuram.

The video which surfaced online has gone viral on social media and it shows 70-year-old Shanmugavel, sitting in the veranda of his house, reaches out to pick a paper. This is when an unidentified man covering his face comes from behind and puts a piece of cloth around the man’s neck in an attempt to strangulate him.

An unsuspecting Shanmugavel fights off the heavy knife-wielding man with the cloth still around his neck. As he struggles to find space to break free, he shouts and kicks the man to alert his wife who then sprung into action to rescue her husband. It is when one more miscreant is seen in the CCTV footage.

Without wasting a second, Shanmugavel’s wife Senthamarai starts throwing slippers at the two robbers and her husband got a perfect opportunity to struggles to break free.

As you can see in the video, whatever things available, right from chairs to a stool, she starts hurling everything she could find nearby at the house entrance.

As the slipper smashes one of the intruders, Shanmugavel frees himself and then gets up only to take on the two intruders. Annoyed by them, he kicked miscreants and then threw a chair at them even as the robbers try to scare husband and wife with a heavy knife.

In the process, the elderly man continues to fight the armed robber with a broken chair as his wife threw one more chair after another on the other.

Knowing that the couple was so strong, one of the robbers retreats while the second remains there to threaten the couple.

Finally, the bold elderly couple manages to scare off the two robbers who then escaped the house.

Police added that an FIR has been filed but the accused haven’t been identified and detained yet!