Melodious Railway woman gets a better life after her song goes viral on social media

Do you recall the woman from Ranaghat Railway Station in West Bengal who took the Bollywood industry by storm after she sang Lata Mangeshkar’s popular song ‘Ek pyaar ka nagma hai?’

Her performance of the song from Shor spread like wildfire quite recently on social media platforms.

The woman who goes by the name of Ranu Mondal just got an incredible transformation. Her makeover clearly appears to have drawn too much attention to her and her life as well.

The video clip of her singing a song was shared on Facebook and millions of fans watched the video as it garnered around 4 million views and 60k shares.

The video received plenty of great comments too, which goes to show the power of social media. An unknown person can become a famous celebrity and that is what happened in Ranu Mondal’s case. She is the happiest woman right now.

After becoming a sensation, she has now been getting ample requests for performances from Kolkata, Mumbai, Kerala and also from across the border in Bangladesh. She has also been getting good offers for recording her own music album.

Her makeover was also been sponsored by the show executives who have been offering her for performances and also backing her through and through.

Nonetheless, she has been recently invited to a ‘reality show’ in Mumbai. The overall expenses for her travel and others are being managed by the showrunners.

The pics of her marvellous transformation is doing the rounds on the Facebook platform and you can see her makeover below:

Credits: DNA India

For the unversed, Ranu has been married to Bablu Mondal in Mumbai. But after her husband passed away, she returned to Ranaghat in West Bengal and her new journey began when she made a living by singing songs for daily commuters.