This Assamese Man invents water-proof Bamboo Bottles to prevent plastic use

In an effort to minimise and reduce the use of plastic bottles from our day-to-day daily lives, this Assamese entrepreneur has invented 100% leak-proof and eco-friendly bottles which are made up of bamboo shoots. Let’s take a moment to appreciate his ground-breaking invention which is going to change the lives of many.

It is cognisance of the fact that humans are incurring huge losses when it comes to discarding the usage of plastic. The plastic-ban campaigns are even failing miserably in our day-to-day lives.

Credits: The Hindu

Though people encourage home gardens, eco-friendly bags and recyclable products, but as far as the plastic bottles are concerned, it still continues to be around us at large numbers.

It was high time that genius-minded man gave us an alternative technique to plastic bottles and this Assamese entrepreneur, Dhritiman Bora deserves a lot of respect for his work. He must be surely credited for inventing air-tight bamboo water bottles.

Dhritiman Bora invented these water bottles which are made up of bamboo and thereby making it totally bio-degradable and natural.

The bottles are in fact, leak-proof and one can easily carry them anywhere and up to any distance as the mouth of the bottles is firmly tightened with cork!

Dhritiman Bora, who is a former IITian and an entrepreneur dreams of replacing the whole plastic industry and manufacturing units with that of eco-friendly bamboo including the jute products.

Another major advantage of these bottles is the fact that since they are made up of bamboo shoots, one can enjoy a cool sip even during burning summers.

Now, they are available in different shapes and sizes and the cost varies from Rs 400 to Rs 600.

As citizens of the country, we can hope that Dhritiman Bora’s invention grabs good attention so much so that we can achieve the aim of 100% plastic-free India.

Written by Sagar Abhinandan

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