Sikhs organise Iftar party for Muslims in Jammu & Kashmir

The Sikh community of Kashmir threw an Iftaar party for local Muslims in Chandigram village of Tral town in South Kashmir. A mass of local Muslims participated in the celebrations, reports The Kashmiriyat. This is enough to prove that humanity is above religion.

The Sikh community also made all the necessary arrangements for their Muslim friends and locals in the village. The village elders and the youth broke the fast all together.

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“Religion never divided us in the town. We share each other’s happiness and sorrows. We enjoy their festivals and they ours,” a local Muslim youth told The Kashmiriyat and also thanked his Sikh brothers for their unconditional love and affection.

Tral has long been the epicentre of Sikh-Muslim unity. Passersby witnessed Muslims and Sikhs come together during the Iftaar party.

As per the report, a Sikh organiser added that the programme was arranged in a bid to promote religious harmony and show the whole world that different communities can live happily together.

“This iftar programme was arranged to spread happiness to the children, youth and all,” a Sikh boy told The Kashmiriyat.