Muslim man asks Air Hostess for Water for Iftar, she came back with a big surprise

There are countless reasons why we love our country. In the Holy month of Ramadan saw heart-touching stories of humanity. A few days ago, Panaullah Ahmed broke his fast and consumed food only to donate blood to someone at the need of the hour, showing that humanity is above religion.

Now another incident touched everyone’s hearts. In the flight bound to Delhi from Gorakhpur, Jawaid approached the air hostess despite the seat-belt sign being on. He then asked for a bottle of water and got one.

After finishing off one, he asked for another, the air hostess then asked him to go back to his seat. Much to his surprise, she returned with a fantastic meal of two sandwiches and said, “please don’t hesitate to ask for more.”

Rifat added, “Of course I didn’t need more. They were more than adequate for me. What was the most satisfying was Manjula’s heartwarming gesture. This is my India!”.

“On my way back to Delhi in @airindiain Alliance from Gorakhpur: Iftar time was nearing so I walked up to cabin crew member Manjula, asked for some water. She gave me a small bottle. I asked, “can I pls have 1 more bottle since I’m fasting?” Manjula replied, “why did you…”

This is how people reacted: