After Sri Lanka terror attack, Pak News Anchor wears bulletproof jacket inside studio

It’s no doubt that Pakistan has some of the entertaining reporters. From ‘Tauba Tauba Tamatar’ to reporting live in flooded rivers, Pakistan has some of the entertaining reporters. The latest one to join the bandwagon is the news anchor clad ‘bulletproof vest’ in the newsroom.

Reporting of stray bullets being hit to poor, women or youth in the country, the reporter, explained clearly with her attire.

In the video surfaced online, the reporter could be seen complaining of stray bullets. Watch the video below:

Previously on Wednesday, another video of a reporter spread like wildfire wherein the Pakistani journalist was seen reporting about the dangerous floods and increasing water levels of the river. The highlight of the video was that he himself immersed in the waterbody amid live reporting.

In yet another viral video from Pakistan, a Geo TV Urdu (Pakistani news channel) news reporter by the name of Amin Hafeez could be seen reporting about animal trade, while sitting on an actual donkey. Nonetheless, he fell off the donkey while reporting, which left the people surrounding him in splits.

One more incident was that Pakistani reporter, who is known in India for his laughable ‘Tauba Tauba’ rant has gone viral several occasions.