Differently-abled man delivers food in his tri-cycle will inspire you to the core

Life is something that we must not miss and in fact, life is a wonderful chance given by God, we have to make use of the available resources to better effect or we have to fulfil it and make the best of it before we say goodbye to the world.

Here is one example: A video which will inspire you to the core. A video which has gone viral on the internet depicts a differently-abled man identified as Ramu who can be seen wearing Zomato service T-shirt and delivering food items on his hand-pulled tri-cycle.


The video left everyone inspired and in awe of the man’s grit and determination. The video was first posted by a Twitter user named Honey Goyal @tfortitto with a caption: ‘#Zomato you keep rocking, you made my day, this man is the inspiration for all who thinks there’s life is screwed, please make this man famous’.

Soon after the video went viral, Zomato replied to the tweet saying, “Hey there! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We take immense pride in our delivery partners as they are the ones who connect our users with great food — regardless of all obstacles.”

Ramu might be specially-abled but he didn’t go into a shell, cursing his fate or making lame excuses in his life. Instead, he showed the world that he has will power to work and earn in life.

Recognising Ramu’s dedication, a few others suggested crowdfunding platform get him an electric vehicle in a bid to make things much easier for him.