Annoyed Uber Driver says “Teri Ma Ka Bh*s**, while passing by a Shiva Temple, Passenger confronts him

In another appalling incident from Mumbai, an Uber driver identified as Aftab allegedly got extremely annoyed when he saw the Shivaji Mandir which is a theatre in Mumbai and started abusing Chhatrapati Shivaji who is the warrior king who once bravely fought the Mughals.

Twitter user Samiir said that when he was just going past the Shivaji Mandir near Plaza Cinema in Mumbai, the uber driver Aftab started hurling abuses at Shivaji Maharaj and said, “Teri maa ka bhs*”.

Samiir explicitly making his point that Aftab then lost his temper that in all places there is ‘Shivaji’ (several landmarks in Mumbai are named after Chhatrapati Shivaji including the Mumbai international airport and the Mumbai Central railway station) and that they ‘worship’ him to the core.

Samiir claims that he asked Aftab to mind his language as he crossed his limit, Aftab got more aggressive and abusive.

Samiir says Aftab stood firm in the fact that no one should worship Shivaji and at a certain time asked Samiir to deboard his Uber in middle of his trip.

Samiir claims, said that he did a big favour to him by picking him up despite the traffic. After reluctantly dropping Samiir to his location, Aftab proceeded to grab Samiir’s phone and give himself a 5 star rating for his ‘service’.

Samiir adds that when he reported the incident to Uber, Uber credited the money he had paid back to his account and added that necessary action has been taken against the driver.

Samiir adds that it is necessary for even the minorities to be sensitized about Hindus’ faith so that everyone feels safe in India. Samiir says that while there are reports in media where Hindus are shown to be demanding for Muslim blood and out to lynch them, experiences of people like Samiir are hidden.

Almost a week ago, opIndia reported how a lady (@sona2905 on Twitter) was subjected to rude and unpleasant behaviour of an Uber driver, Usman, who got aggressive on seeing PM Narendra Modi’s picture on her phone cover. He also started off with refusing to turn the air conditioner ‘On’ in the Uber car and also told her to ‘ask Modi to send her a cab’.

(With inputs from OpIndia)