“Narendra Modi won’t be PM again,” predicts Senior Congress Leader Digvijay Singh

Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh on Monday said Narendra Modi doesn’t stand a chance to become Prime Minister again just because that he is clearly “exposed” after failing to fulfil promises during the 2014 Lok Sabha polls. Digvijay Singh also predicted that the Congress which was routed in the 2014 Narendra Modi wave, would do well this time.

“Modi stands exposed as he has not fulfilled promises he made during the last national elections. So he will definitely not become the Prime Minister again,” Singh claimed while speaking to reporters at the press conference.

Credits: The Hindu

The 72-year-old Rajya Sabha MP also said, adding that the Election Commission of India should change the voting time in a bid to avoid disturbance to Muslims observing Ramzan fast. (if possible).

When asked about some Muslim leaders had objected to the Lok Sabha poll schedule as it coincides with Ramzan, Singh said it was a Constitutional necessity that election results had to be declared before May 26.

“Despite this. I pray to the Election Commission (EC) that even if it does not change the election date. make a change in voting time in such a way so that it facilitates voting (among Muslims),” Singh said.