When a Pakistani asked Indian Army Officer, “Are you a Muslim,” this is how he replied

Lieutenant General (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain of the Indian army gave a mouth-shutting reply to a Pakistani who had asked him if he is a Muslim or not. “Ap kha ky musalman ho,” he wrote.

Reply to this tweet, he said, “Achcha sawaal poochcha. Main Bharat ka aur Bharati Sena ka sachcha Musalman hoon.” Translation: You have asked a good question. I am a true Muslim of India and the Indian army.

Syed Ata Hasnain earlier tweeted: “Just an observation. Does the end user agreement on the supply of F16 ac to Pakistan permit usage against India. Is that why there is total denial on the existence of any F16 in the air attempting targeting of Indian air space.”

One Twitter user wrote, “That is what India trying to achieve. Pakistan doesn’t need F16s only after JF17s. But if necessary will use F16s to destroy you without worrying about end user agreement even if it has such clauses.”


To which Syed Ata Hasnain replied: “Pipe down kiddo, tall claims don’t translate into effect.”

One more guy intervened the scene to ask the Indian Army officer if he is a Muslim.

This is how he replied in style:

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