Bill Gates meets Ratan Tata and gives this special gift, internet is obsessed with million-dollar pic

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has been in the headlines recently after he met famous personalities of India. The billionaire met the chairman of Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra and the picture of the same went viral on social media portals.

Besides that, a picture featuring Bill Gates and Sachin Tendulkar and his wife also spread like wildfire on the internet. Meanwhile, Bill Gates met Ratan Tata and gave a special gift. The picture became the talking point on the internet.

Moreover, the netizens are obsessed with the million-dollar picture. Bill Gates met Ratan Tata and N. Chandrasekaran, the Executive Chairman of Tata Sons, and further discussed the organization’s projects about health, diagnostics, and nutrition.

Bill Gates gifted two books to Ratan Tata. As per the picture, Ratan Tata can be seen holding 2 books written by the Microsoft co-founder. Besides that, Bill Gates also presented copies of How to stop the next Pandemic and how to prevent climate disaster to Chandrasekaran.

“Our co-chair & founder,@BillGateshad an enriching discussion with@RNTata2000& N. Chandrasekaran, about their philanthropic initiatives. We look forward to strengthening our work together & partnering for health, diagnostics, and nutrition,” Gates Foundation India wrote.

Check out the tweet below:-

One of the Twitter users wrote, “Nice to see you Mr Bill Gates with our Mr Ratan Tata. You have truly met a gentleman who has shaped & participated in India’s economic development. Mr Tata is also one of our foremost philanthropist. Also thank you for your kind interest in India.”

“Such wonderful & genuine persons together. I try to emulate such rich people with my meagre contribution from my pension for financing the school fees of few students but with abundant blessings to them to do well in their lives as they grow up. Bless you all,” wrote another user.

Meanwhile, another user wrote, “Brilliant decision . Now It can never go wrong & will undoubtedly yield the desired results”.