Chennai Customer finds ‘Band-Aid’ inside Noodles, Finally Swiggy reacts

A Chennai-based man by the name of Balamurugan faced an unpleasant experience when he found a ‘blood-stained bandaid’ in the food package which he ordered through Swiggy. It was on Sunday that Balamurugan placed an order for “Chicken Schezwan Chopsuey” from Chop N Stix in Selaiyur through Swiggy. It was only after eating half of his food, he came to know that a used bandaid with some blood stains was already been inside the noodles.

In a recent Facebook post, Balamurugan vents out his frustration and wrote, “Contacted restaurant and they aren’t sensitive and offering a replacement for the food! Who again wants to eat such contaminated food! Tried to contact Swiggy, no option to call them directly through the app for already delivered food and the only option is to chat but they aren’t responding either!

Credits: Facebook

Want to badly sue both restaurant and Swiggy too for partnering with a restaurant which doesn’t practice general hygienic method like using hand glove or not allowing any kitchen staff with injured fingers/hands in the kitchen!”

Credits: Facebook

Speaking to TNM, Balamurugan said that he planned to create awareness among people by conveying the post. He said “I’m expecting the restaurant to take corrective measures, Swiggy to fill gaps in their process of selecting partners, and also I would definitely like to ensure that I’ve not been infected or that I’ve contracted any infectious disease by way of eating that food. They have responded to my Facebook post and I was told that they will investigate and get back to me.”

Credits: Facebook

“There has been no specific update on the particular incident from Swiggy or the restaurant. The last update from Swiggy was that they will investigate and get back to me in a day or two,” Balamurugan added.

He went on to add that Swiggy continued to take orders from the same restaurant itself “without stopping the service for the restaurant until their vendor does re-audit or quality checks.”

A Swiggy statement in reply to this article read, “We understand that consumers trust Swiggy with their health and safety, and are committed to working with restaurants to ensure that only hygienic and quality food is delivered to them. We deeply regret the issue faced by one of our users and apologise for the angst it has caused”.

“This is certainly not the level of service we intend to promote. While the restaurant has acknowledged a lapse at its end, based on the complaint, we have suspended this outlet pending further investigation by an external agency.

Swiggy conducts stringent third-party hygiene audits across our restaurant partner network- regularly, and is invested in working with them to ensure a safe and delightful food experience for our consumers.”

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.