Toilet Water Mixed in Tea & Coffee for Train Passengers, Railways slap Rs 1 lakh fine on Vendor

Most of us love to travel by trains. A train journey is so much nice where you bump into unknowns and have some good time. You tend to learn a lot of things in the outside world. People who don’t depend on the food or tea served on the train through e-catering would carry their own foodstuff packed from home along with a tea or coffee flask.

On the contrary, others give a crunch in train to satisfy their taste buds. But what’s happening beyond the scenes is something that nobody is aware of. In a disturbing video that has surfaced this week all over the internet, a vendor was seen coming out of a toilet with his tea and coffee cans.

A vendor was caught using toilet water to prepare tea, coffee (Credits: India Times)

The video raised huge doubts about toilet water being used for coffee, tea on the train. The disturbing video was shot aboard the Chennai Central-Hyderabad Charminar Express at Secunderabad railway station last December, a release said after the video drew attention on social media.

The South Central Railway made an enquiry regarding the incident, thereby slapped a hefty fine on the contractor. The contractor has been penalised with a hefty fine of Rs.1 lakh by the Indian Railways in the wake of a video giving clues that wanter from a train toilet was being used to prepare tea and coffee as confirmed by the South Central Railway (SCR).

The video had gone viral on social media in the past couple of days. It suggested that the water was mixed with the tea and coffee cans inside the toilet. “An inquiry was conducted, and on the basis of it, stringent action has been taken up against the Train Side Vending contractor for the section between Secunderabad and Kazipet, P Sivaprasad, with whom the identified vendor in the video was employed… A penalty of Rs 1 lakh has been levied on the licensee, through the IRCTC, the contracting agency,” SCR chief public relations officer M Umashankar Kumar expressed in the release.

Apart from that, two other sellers were also seen in the video according to Kumar. He also went on to add saying that the Commercial Department of the South Central Railway has been carrying out extensive rounds at Secunderabad railway station in the last few months, during which all the unauthorised vendors, including the two involved in the incident, were removed with immediate effect.

The official remarked that a strict rule is being followed at various areas to make sure that no such disturbing incidents take place in SCR Zone. “A strict vigil was continuously being kept at various levels to ensure that no such incidents are repeated in the SCR Zone,” the official said.

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