War of Words isn’t over yet! Tanushree hits back at Rakhi Sawant again

The titanic tussle between Rakhi Sawant and Tanushree Dutta is growing bigger daily. Tanushree Dutta once again hit the headlines as she took a dig at Rakshi Sawant for ‘mudslinging’. Earlier, Tanushree slammed Rakhi and rubbished her claims of being a drug addict and it seems the war of the words between the two isn’t really over yet.

When Rakhi Sawant called Tanushree ‘a liar and a drug addict’, Tanushree quickly slapped Rs 10 crore defamation suit on her. Then, Rakhi added fuel to the fire when she went on to say in a press conference that Tanushree is a ‘lesbian’ and she sexually harassed her multiple times, about 12 years ago.

Credits: The Indian Express

In reply to Rakhi Sawant’s obnoxious claims, Tanushree in a strong statement called Rakhi “sex and money obsessed” and asked is she had performed a plastic surgery on her brain.

Tanushree Dutta said adding that the only time she stumbled upon her was at the airport when she was leaving for the US. It was when Rakhi Sawant tried to influence her into converting to Christianity.

“The only time I interacted with her was at the international airport lounge when I was flying out of India many years ago for a stage show abroad… She told me that I will go to hell if I don’t believe in Jejus… You sex and money obsessed moron..Have you done plastic surgery on your brain also?? You will perish along with your lies and so will your friends who have put you up for it,” Tanushree told BollywooLife in a statement.

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