Top High-Paying Jobs In India In 2018, Full details

In today’s world, not all people do favourite jobs. It is true that people earn more money with less job satisfaction and vice-versa. But the equation is going to be the same as the majority of the people run only behind money and not behind their favourite jobs. This has been the same case so far.

Let’s take a look at the highest paying jobs in India:-

#1. Chartered Accountant:-

After passing Class X, you’re always one decision away from a totally different life. Obviously, the majority would prefer Computer Science group followed by Biology group and only very few people choose the commerce stream during higher secondary education.

Every student who is into this stream would want to become a chartered accountant. Digging a bit deep, the average earning of a CA in India is INR 348,180 to INR 1,915,971 per year. You can enjoy different roles either as an employer or an entrepreneur and both these positions pay you handsomely.

2. Software Engineer:

There are majority software engineers in our country without the shadow of any doubt. The average salary of a software engineer is INR 204,653 to INR 998,269 per annum. They get their hands in coding and programming as they deftly execute software engineering principles to design, development, maintenance, testing and evaluation of the software in a computer or other devices. This is how the process goes.

If you are into IT or computer science, you have a great chance to become a software engineer. Well, nowadays even the IT giants are recruiting freshers even from the non-IT department as well. The average starting salary is INR 20000 per month. The more you gain a wide range of experience in practical skills, you will earn more.

3. App Developer:

This is one job which many people talk about in contemporary world just like how people discussed Software engineer jobs earlier. The average salary starts from INR 244,092 to INR 1,270,564 per year. One has to be highly skilled in software applications that are used either in computers or mobiles.

Almost every user has mobile apps installed on their devices which goes to show the popularity of it these days. This means that there is great scope in terms of job opportunities and career growth for android or iOS developers.

There is a difference between software engineers and app developers. Software engineers are involved in different generic software roles while the latter empathise only on applications. An engineering degree with a specialisation certificate in app development stream can surely fetch you a good job as an app developer.

4. Pilot:

Majority of the people who are in this profession must have set high standards for themselves in childhood itself to become a Pilot. The average salary starts from INR 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs per month. A pilot is a person who operates or controls the directions of an aircraft or a helicopter.

Unlike other drivers, becoming a pilot is not so easy as it involves a lot of cognisance and physical fitness standards. There are 3 stages of pilot licenses that you need to obtain in a bid to bloom in your career – Student Pilot License (SPL), Private Pilot License (PPL) and Commercial Pilot License (CPL).

5. Doctor:

Doctors are highly respected in society and you could see plenty of doctors in the hospital as the revolution in health care is growing. The average salary of a doctor is INR 902,800 per year in India. A doctor is the second God. He is someone who restores human’s health back to normal through the best practice of medicine. With vast knowledge, a doctor can diagnose and treat human disease, injuries, ailments, pain and so on.

The fundamental qualification required to become a doctor is MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery). To become a specialist doctor, one must pursue a PG degree in the relevant specialisation.

6. Cricket Player:

Cricket is considered as a religion in India and it is the most-watched sport in this country. Almost every child in India dreams to become a proud cricketer one day but the reality is never the same. This is not about blaming the parents but they would like their sons or daughters to prefer Engineering or Doctor stream. It is a known fact. It is not so easy to become a cricketer. One has to go through extensive training sessions and has to be physically fit enough to play the sport.

The average salary of a cricket player starts from INR 50 lakhs to INR 2 crores per year. You can earn more based on the type of contract. The sport is not the same as before. The game has seen vast improvements in the team’s passage of play.

The inception of the Indian Premier League has thoroughly changed the entire complexion of the sport, which has earned more followers. IPL, which is the most watched T20 league in the world is a perfect platform for the youngsters to showcase their mettle. Performing well is directly proportional to getting a good chance of representing India very soon.

7. Actor:

Acting is a special set of skill. Even though there are several actors in the respective film industry, hardly few of them draw attention. It may be because of fame, knack of acting, giving back to the society for a good cause etc.

The salary for established actors starts from INR 12 crores to INR 17 crores per year. You don’t have to pursue a special degree for acting. Acting is not taught; it comes from within and natural acting is the best way to impress the audience.

8. Fashion Designer:

The average salary of fashion designer starts from INR 176,445 to INR 964,228 per year. Everybody loves clothes and the sales get increased especially during festival times where people come in families to purchase a dress and the love for buying dress never dies.

A successful fashion designer is a person who brings the best out of oneself. They design clothes based on the season and the current trend. They are creative. Fashion designing courses are there in diploma, bachelors and MBA. Depending on the type of requirement, you could take up an appropriate course.

9. Manager:

The salary of a manager varies from respective fields and it ranges from INR 300,314 to INR 1,570,973 per year. From HR (Human Resource) to business, there are a variety of streams for a manager. The role of a manager is to control the operations and manage people in a company. A PG degree like MBA (Master of Business Administration) can guide you to become a good manager of a company.

10. Investment Banker

Salary: INR 501,808 to INR 902,800 per year. The role of an investment banker is to act as a mediator between the corporation and the public by public offerings. They deftly handle stocks in a company and help in selling proprietorship. One must hold a degree in commerce or accounts in order to become an investment banker.

11. Lawyer Salary:

Salary: INR 60000 to INR 720000 per year. Being a lawyer could help you fetch returns based on your efforts. To become a lawyer, you must obtain BA and LLB degrees that are commonly offered together. Though there is an average salary that they earn, based on your popularity and experience, you may demand your fee from clients, which is a good advantage.

12. Business Analyst:

Salary: INR 270,643 to INR 1,198,925 per year. The main role of a business analyst is to get the needs of the company, plan, organise and decode them in the best possible way to have a back-up for contingency. The requirements of a company are project requirements, technical tools and budgets. To become a business analyst, a basic degree in the relevant field along with MBA is required so that you can be cut out for this job.

13. Data Engineer:

Data Engineer for Deep Learning Salary starts- INR 874,691 to INR 60,000,00 per year. While artificial intelligence has been most talked stream over last decade, decoding it further to understand its subtle difference, deep learning means neural science, which is nothing but using brain simulations to make algorithms much better and easier to use. A data engineer in deep learning helps in collecting the necessary data required to make these algorithms.

Hailing from Chennai, Chaithanya G is the Managing Director of TheYouth. He has dedicated his whole life to reading and writing.