Can you believe it? This girl earns 8 lakh by playing games at home

Money is an important factor these days. You get paid based on your work standards. If you are a hardworking person, you may earn a good amount and if you combine both hard work and smart work, then earning a handsome money would be easy.

Earlier, people used to earn money only through offline segment but now, the internet offers a broad spectrum of options for the people where they can earn money and lead a luxurious life. Well, one can’t deny the fact that the internet has changed the way we live our lives in the contemporary world. For a fact, online games are addictive and it attracts more people.

Credits: Live Uttar Pradesh

Earning money by playing online games is such a super cool job. Isn’t it? This Australian girl, identified as Chelsea, is living her dreams just by playing online games. She finished her degree in agriculture but her full focus is on computers and gaming so she made up her mind and chose her own path where she could find a job with fun and entertainment.

After completing graduation, Chelsea was looking for ways to earn money and her life saw a turning point when she came to know about the online gaming fun-filled job. She liked it from the word go and she started to work on that and gradually became an expert. You’ll be amazed after knowing her income. She plays video games and earns 8 lakhs per hour. Yes, you read that right! 8 lakhs in just 60 minutes.

You must be figuring out how she is making so much money just by playing games. To dig deep, she gets paid for the advertisements that are displayed during her live gaming streaming and this is how she manages to earn a staggering amount. For watching her play, the online users splash the cash and pay for the subscriptions. Not just that, many other popular companies are also paying her for playing games made by them.

When the girl plays, it’s a win-win situation for both sponsors and Chelsea as companies draw the target audience through live streaming and she earns more. Chelsea has over 46.6 lakh followers on the microblogging Instagram platform and she bags additional money through sponsored posts on Instagram as well.

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