This Tattoo maker inappropriately takes advantage of girls who visit his shop

In the current fashion trend of today’s generation, there is a lot of craze for body tattoos among both boys and girls. Numerous people get full body tattoos done while some people get tattooed on some part of their body. Recently, a video went viral of a tattoo maker who was making a tattoo on a girl’s body in a very inappropriate manner. For this, both the tattoo maker and the girl who got it done have been trolled a lot in the comment section of the video.

The name of the studio in the viral video is ‘Tattoo King’. It is located in Koperkhairane railway station of Mumbai. There is a page named ‘The Mustache Tattoo And Art Studio’ on Facebook which has more than 6 lakh followers. In the viral video, a girl goes to this studio to get a new tattoo to cover the old tattoo on her breast. The tattoo artist lifts the girl’s legs above his thighs in an inappropriate manner to make the tattoo. which is a very shameful act.

The way of making this tattoo is quite humiliating, surprisingly the girl did not take any action against the artist nor did she react, perhaps it was quite normal for her. But after watching the video, netizens have trolled both of them a lot. The method employed was particularly insulting considering the widespread availability of modern tattooing equipment and comfortable facilities. Despite this, no such amenities were used in the video.

A simple way to avoid this type of abusive act is caution and awareness. Whenever you go to a tattoo studio, make sure that you are not being treated unfairly. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, raise your voice against it and take action. Various types of reactions have been shared by users in the viral video. Out of which most of the users have trolled only the artist and the customer woman.

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