Shocking video: MotoGP Rider grabs opponent’s brake at 225 kmph

They say “Successful people never worry about what others are doing” and a recent incident in the MotoGP event just shows us that Romano Fenati doesn’t fall into the bracket of successful people because of his infamous act that angered the sports fraternity. In what was a dangerous incident, the rider grabbed the opponent’s front brake.

This is deemed contrary to the spirit of human values and what the rider did is not acceptable and unforgivable by any means. If he has to win the tourney, he has to focus on his work but rather he decided to play the cheap trick, which nobody would appreciate it.

Playing dirty tricks like these can actually make the viewers angry, which can also tarnish his fame, reputation. As you can see in the video, the 22-year-old Romano Fenati comes to a tad close towards rival Stefano Manzi and he grabs the front brake at 140 miles per hour.

Romano Fenati was given the black flag for violating the rules. You just cannot put someone’s life in danger to beat the opponent. You have to be at your best.

Watch the video below:

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