Delhi people plant 5 lakh trees in a day to stop the alarming pollution

If there is one state that is constantly fighting to bring the serious air pollution levels to a close, it is the national capital Delhi. The pollution levels are one of the worst in the world, which is indeed a worrying sign for the Delhiites.

Several combinations have been tried out by the government with regards to curbing the air pollution by spraying water into the sky. This worked only for a temporary period. But really has to be done to cut down on pollution levels?

Credits: PTI

The air over there still continues to remain toxic even after all the hard work and efforts. The Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, on Saturday, launched a mega tree plantation drive by planting a sapling at the Yamuna floodplain in Usmanpur village. The plantation drive got good reach as thousands of others joined him in the initiative.

The government’s mission wants to plant as many as 5 lakh trees and shrubs in the city in a day as part of the mega tree plantation drive. Kejriwal added that studies have shown 70% of pollution in Delhi initiated beyond its borders, but “this could not be an excuse to avoid tackling the situation”.

“Apart from a massive plantation, we also need to reduce pollution,” he said.

The Delhi government’s Environment and Forest Secretary A K Singh said that their aim is to plant as many as 32.5 lakh trees in 2018. By far, around 15 lakh have been planted, he said. As far as the officials are concerned, around one lakh students and residents are taking part in the campaign at 600 locations across the city to fight air pollution. A mass of school children and RWAs across the state also joined the plantation drive and planted saplings near their houses and neighbourhoods.

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